How to Tell if you have a Happy Dog


5 signs your pooch is pumped and ready to play!

Vancouver winters can be dark, damp and dreary, and that kind of weather can make even the happiest soul feel a little blue – especially when you go outside to try to take your pup for a walk.

Skip those damp winter days altogether and just hire a dog walker, so your pup can enjoy splashing in puddles and sniffing out new smells while you’re warm and dry.

Lucky for you, when you’re down in the dumps you can talk to your best friend – whether four-legged or two. Your pup, however, doesn’t have the same grasp of English, which can make communication more difficult.

5 signs your dog is happy

To help you determine your dog’s mood, use the following 5 signs as a guide to see if they’re happy or could use a little pupster-pick-me-up!

  1. Relaxed eyes, ears and posture
    There’s a reason they’re called ‘puppy-eyes’. When your dog is happy, her eyes will be soft, ears relaxed, and her whole body at ease. When her posture is relaxed, she’s content and happy to be where she is.
  2. Slightly open mouth
    Your pup’s pink tongue will be lolling out of his relaxed and slightly open mouth when he’s happy – his teeth might partially be showing, but this doesn’t mean he’s baring them in anger. It might even look like he’s giving you a sweet little smile!
  3. Wagging tail and leaning into you
    Either an excited and wild, bum-wiggling tail wag, or a slow, gentle tail wag means your pup is a happy pooch! A happy dog might also lean into you as you pet him, and constantly look for ways to get closer to you (although this depends on their unique personality).
  4. Excited to see you, happy barking, and ready for action
    A happy pup is one who is excited when you walk in the door and is ready for whatever adventure you are about to embark on, be it a road trip, a dog hike, or (their favourite) a visit to an off-leash dog park! You may even hear about it in the form of a high-pitched, happy bark. Not to worry – those barks are much like a squeal of delight for us humans ;).
  5. Great appetite and fewer destructive behaviours
    A happy pup is a healthy one! When your dog has a healthy appetite, it means they’re feeling physically healthy and craving nutrients to stay strong. That appetite shouldn’t include furniture or your shoes, however. Destructive behaviours are often a sign of boredom or other underlying stress-behaviours. A happy pupper will typically exhibit fewer destructive actions, such as chewing up everything in sight!

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A happy dog means a happier pet-owner

If you’re unsure whether your pup is happy or not, you might want to consult your veterinarian for advice. Chances are, they’ll also have some good guidance on your dog’s mood and some clever ways you can help cheer him up!

Happy trails and happy tails to you!

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